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As it is our goal to be a true role model for our industry, corporate responsibility is a core commitment for us, and to meet the global corporate challenge with sustainable solutions is an integral part of our organisational culture and business ethic.

In this spirit, we are committed to provide material handling products that are safe in their production, intended use and maintenance, in line with a concerted drive towards Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) excellence.

To achieve this, a series of sound workplace practices has been put in place. Today, all of our subsidiaries across South East Asia have been successfully awarded international-standard certifications in ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. Our management systems have provided greater EHS awareness among employees while raising the bar for in-house manufacturing activities as well as off-site operations.

The ISO 14001 standard gives the requirements for environmental management systems, helping us to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner. The management system increases the control of environmental impact through waste minimisation, proper handling and disposal of hazardous waste, as well as measures to reduce our carbon footprint.

OHSAS 18001, the Occupation Health and Safety Assessment Series, is an international specification for health and safety management systems. It provides a framework that enhances our safety culture, as it allows our organisation to consistently identify and control health and safety risks, proactively reduce the potential for accidents, aid legislative compliance and improve overall performance. Our commitment and exemplary standards in workplace safety and health have even earned our headquarters the Singaporean bizSAFE Star Award in 2009.

We even take our commitment to safe and sustainable business a step further by extending the EHS programme to external vendors and suppliers. Specialised programmes for contractors have been devised to ensure health and safety procedures are adhered to during product installation, service and maintenance.

Overall, you can be very confident that in choosing MHE-Demag, not only will you be assured of having chosen the best quality products that are environmentally friendly, you could also be equally sure that it will be fully supported by our trained and qualified personal prioritising health and safety considerations.